About Me

     Hello! I am Jennifer Walker. I have been a cosmetologist since 1997, (yes, a long time). Unlike many people I did not grow up with dreams of doing hair forever. Cosmetology found me. During high school I needed credits after being kicked out of art class for talking too much. Cosmetology sounded like fun. Turns out I enjoyed learning about everything in the beauty industry. I found a place I could creatively express myself and have a conversation.

     Today I am passionate about helping people love their personal style. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and think, "Wow! I feel great!," then I did my job. 

     When you chose me to help you with your hair goals you will see I am honest, reliable and consistent. I have been trained in precision hair cutting and more modern textured cuts. which allows me to provide you with a great craft haircut. I have been an educator for a national color company and I am currently an educator for a national product company. This helps me stay current on all trends. I enjoy taking classes to stay educated on everything new in the beauty industry. Although, I like to think beyond the trends and design something that fits your hair and personal style.

     While you are spending time in my suite I hope you feel comfortable and at home. Enjoy a few quiet moments, a cup of coffee and a relaxing scalp massage. Sit back and forget the world for a few minutes while you treat yourself.